Judo Registration Cards

All students are required to register with either the United States Judo Federation or USA Judo. These cards are necessary for all students, and are required to participate in all competitions. They also provide club liability insurance, and supplemental insurance for injury incurred while participating in class or competition.

Judo Registration Fees:

Annual fee: USJF-70.00

USA-Judo New Members 16 and under 40.00, all others 70.00

Judo Uniforms

Judo uniforms are required for safe judo practice and competition. We have available for sale all levels of top quality uniforms at the most reasonable prices you will find. Uniforms come in colors white or blue.

Top quality beginner uniforms cost between 35.00 to 50.00.

Judo Class Fees

As part of the Hudson County school system we make every effort to bring the sport of judo to the community at the most reasonable costs possible. We also have special rates for additional family members. After the initial 2 month sign up. You can choose to pay monthly or bi-monthly. You are never asked to sign any contracts.

Class Fees:

2 Months $135.00   additional immediate family members $40.00

1 Month   $70.00     additional immediate family members $25.00